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About CIC

Cooling Industries Company has been established in 1979 with great vision to produce the highest quality products, and in order to achieve this purpose a complete product certifications program according to ASHRAE, AMCA, ADC and ISO standards had been carried out for our product range (Diffuser, Linear Slot Diffuser, Grilles, louvers …etc),

In our manufacturing process we start our procedures by using the highest quality raw material from extruded Aluminum (6063-TS), with our unique protected CIC profiles, our powder coating is done in house with 5 stages of treatment prior to final heating treatment, painting material is used from highest quality paints as standard for all painting jobs.

Our technicians are highly qualified with experience of 15 years on average, highly qualified engineering department controls the manufacturing process and quality control.


Our Products

With Cooling Industries Company (CIC) wide variety set of products, we covers all and every aspect of our clients' requirements that elaborates our business relationships for current and long term projects.

Our Projects

Cooling Industries Company (CIC) working on a constant upgrading and development projects that aims to provide clients with the best and latest products that insures customers satisfaction.
Local Projects

Projects executed within our offices region

Global Projects

Projects executed outside of our offices region

Prestigious Projects

Projects with high profile execution & huge scope